January 31, 2022

Losing track of the world around you? Women’s Gambling Prevention

Liz Riley
 Losing track of the world around you? Women’s Gambling Prevention

Betknowmore UK welcomes GambleAware’s newly launched campaign to raise awareness of the gambling harms women experience. Focusing on the 25-55 age range and upon low-to medium-risk women who gamble online, the campaign will be launched across PR, TV, video-on-demand, social and digital media channels. The 2022 campaign features a woman who is so engrossed in gambling on her phone that she fails to notice the extraordinary things happening to her family members as they all sit in their living room. Other images contain messages stressing the importance of setting time and money limits.

Recent research conducted by Betknowmore UK highlighted the need for a campaign to raise awareness among women of the harms that gambling may cause. Only recently have the experiences of women who experience gambling harms start to be researched and better understood. Our research found that women still feel very stigmatised by their gambling harms, experiencing levels of shame that stop them from seeking help. When they do seek help, they want support that recognises their unique experiences as women. GambleAware’s campaign highlights the availability of free advice and support for women. To increase the support on offer, Betknowmore UK is launching a new service for women called NewBeginnings. This service is designed by women with lived experience who understand how women’s lives are affected by gambling harms and how they can best be supported. Throughout 2022 Betknowmore UK will be engaged in supporting women and supporting GambleAware’s campaign.

You can download our full research report here

To find out more about women and their experiences of gambling, the full campaign information can be found here

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