Values, impact & strategy

Our strategy to combat Gambling Related Harms comes from a Public Health approach towards minimisation of harms caused by disordered gambling through different layers of society.

At Betknowmore UK, we work tirelessly to raise awareness, deliver support services and, through education, create more understanding about gambling related harm. ‘We want people to be empowered, to live the life they want to lead.’

Our vision

As a charity, our vision is that those harmed by gambling are empowered and able to live the lives they want to live.

Our mission

To support our vision, we support and provide information to those harmed by gambling, whilst raising awareness of gambling’s potential harms through education and training.

Our values

Everything we do as Betknowmore UK is guided by our desire:

  • To empower individuals
  • To recognise the effect the harm caused by gambling has on diverse & under-represented communities
  • To provide hope through lived experience
  • To treat those we support with honesty and compassion

Our strategy

We provide specific interventions at the individual level to safeguard those experiencing immediate problem gambling, to offer signposting and advice to their family and friends, and to strengthen and widen support networks for those individuals and their closest relations.

We work within the community providing advice and education for third sector organisations, Local Authorities and other addiction services tackling Gambling Related Harms in the community.

Our Peer Aid programme, New Beginnings and GOALS are part of the National Gambling Support Network.

We also work independently, and with partner organisations such as GamCare, GambleAware and Ygam, to create public awareness campaigns aimed at alerting the wider society to the possible harms associated with gambling. Using our ‘Lived Experience’ we aim to influence the gambling industry to build a high standard of safety for vulnerable individuals into their products.

The challenges we are aiming to address

Societal & commercial

Policy environment and legislation around gambling, corporate norms and guidelines on gambling products, product characteristics, advertising around gambling.


Characteristics of local areas and cultures, levels of poverty, access to gambling, poor social or cultural capital.

Families & societal network

Factors in an individual’s closest relationships, family breakdown, lack of support, culture of gambling in peer group.


Individual characteristics, life events, personal history, cognitive factors e.g. motivation, early exposure to gambling, other risky behaviours.

Our 2021-2024 strategy

In our plan we set out where we want to focus our activities over the next three years and how we intend to meet our charitable mission.

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