Betknowmore UK requires dependable, sustainable income to maintain our capacity to deliver impactful, innovative services and achieve our charitable aims.  We seek income from three sources: 

How is Betknowmore funded?

Research, education and treatment

Betknowmore UK has been assessed by the Gambling Commission and approved as an appropriate recipient of Research, Education, Treatment (RET)  funding. In 2024, we have received confirmation and reassurance from both the Department Culture, Media, Sports (DCMS) and the Gambling Minister, Rt Hon Stuart Andrew MP,  to actively participate in RET discussions until further notice. Income generated from RET fund our charitable activities and are subject to rigorous oversight by our independent Board of Trustees.

Grant funding

We have received income to provide 'project' based work, from funders such as the Big Lottery, Trust for London, and the School for Social Entrepreneurs.  


Betknowmore Global provides training programmes that help to generate income for our community and support work. These are hosted within our social enterprise, and cover a range of themes, from Safer Gambling to Suicide First Aid training.

Betknowmore UK's activities are scrutinised by our Board of Trustees, as well as specialised sub-committees. Our expert by experience committee provides a 'critical friend' role to ensure that lived experience helps inform all the charities work, strategy, and impact. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Research, Education, Treatment and Prevention of Gambling Related Harms

The Research, Education, Treatment and Prevention of Gambling Related Harms is currently financed through a levy upon gambling operators. Gambling businesses are required to make an annual financial contribution to organisations which deliver or support research into the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harms, harm prevention approaches and treatment for those harmed by gambling (RET contributions).

From 1 January 2020 operators must direct their annual financial contribution for gambling research, education, prevention and treatment as required by LCCP SR Code 3.1.1. This means that operators must choose which organisation from an independently approved list they wish to donate to. The government does not provide any direct funding, although they recognise there is more work and recognition to be undertaken on issues around gambling related harm, such as noted in the recently commissioned IPPR ‘Cards On The Table’ report.