Fundraise for us

Gambling harms can affect anyone, tearing apart families, straining finances, and taking a devastating toll on mental health. But there is hope, and you can be a part of the solution. Your support can change another person’s life today!  

Be a Lifeline for Those in Need

Your donation provides critical resources from 1:1 counselling, group sessions and support services, ensuring that individuals and families receive the help they need to overcome the challenges they face because of harmful gambling.

Prevention and Education

With your support, we can expand our outreach efforts, raising awareness about safer gambling and preventing gambling before it takes hold. Education is key to building a healthier future within our society.

Strengthening Communities

We work hand in hand with communities to address the social and economic impact of gambling. Your contribution can help us engage with and empower communities to support those affected and create lasting change.

Advocacy for Change

We advocate for responsible gambling practices and policies that protect individuals. Your support helps to amplify our voice, pushing for reforms that make the industry safer and fairer for all.