Gambling Support Hub - East London

In 2014, Betknowmore UK launched the first dedicated community hub to provide gambling support services. Our focus was to provide ‘grassroots’ community support, engage closely with the local community and work in partnership with existing service providers.

Our Islington Gambling Support Hub provided the ACT support and treatment programme, providing rapid assistance to clients experiencing harm from gambling. This service was further developed for the award winning Don’t Gamble with Health project.

Betknowmore UK also provides information and supports research around the issue of gambling related harm. We are collating evidence and data about the causes of problem gambling and raising its profile on a local, regional and national level.

We have developed a communications strategy that will help to share information on the issue in a variety of areas. Our promotional material can be used in community, health and youth settings as well as businesses. It focuses on highlighting how gambling can impact on wellbeing and issues such as poverty and offending:

  • Research -- Generation of independent research and data. Presently, there are not borough-wide profiles of residents gambling habits in London. Given the impact gambling can have on income / poverty – this needs to change.
  • Posters / leaflets – Distributed to Community, Health, Youth Centres and Businesses across North and East London
  • Providing information and creating awareness around gambling dependency. Please contact us to receive our latest materials.

Newham 2019

We are proud and excited to be launching a new Gambling Support Hub in Newham in 2019. Working in partnership with the Bonny Downs Community Association, we are focusing on grassroots community support. Our outreach support programme called GOALS is provided to the local residents, giving them an expert and rapid service to address gambling concerns.

We are forming a network of partners across the borough, working with both statutory and the voluntary sector, including Caritas Anchor House, CGL and Salvation Army.

GaM-S Hub - East London

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