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At the core of Betknowmore UK is the ‘lived experience’ of gambling dependency and recovery. From the Founder to our support team, we have first-hand experience of how gambling dependency forms, how it impacts lives and crucially, how to recover and lead a healthy, happy, life again
Frankie -  Founder

We are now putting our knowledge and experience to use to help others, with a range of services aimed at providing support, education and awareness of gambling related harm. Areas covered include gambling psychology, how to spot ‘red flags’, how to screen for potential harm and advice to front line workers on how to work with this issue. 

Our content has been developed by a team of former gamblers, with the assistance of health professionals, training and coaching experts in the field of gambler and addiction behaviour.  It can be tailored as necessary to your organisational levels of understanding, or specific health and wellbeing requirements. 

Do you require a support service addressing gambling related harm?

  • Local Authorities / Betwatch 
  • Charities and voluntary 
  • Probation & Prison 
  • Social / Health services
  • Commercial Businesses / HR / Company Gambling Policy

Tailoring Our Services for YOUR needs

ACT Mentoring Programme

In 2014 Betknowmore UK launched the first dedicated outreach support programme for gambling dependency. In 2016, our ACT  (Abstinent Cycle Tools) programme became the first externally validated outreach service for the UK gambling sector. Accredited by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation and awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS), the programme has been tested and assessed, ensuring we are running a safe and effective service.


The programme has a Toolkit and bank of resources. We can provide a ‘bolt’-on’ service to existing support programmes, or design a bespoke project. For example, we are the first organisation to provide a direct outreach support service to licensed betting shops across Islington and designed a project specifically for that purpose. 

Call us today and we will be delighted to help: 0800 066 4827

Gambling Awareness Workshops

Betknowmore UK provide workshops to a range of organisations and their front-line staff. The workshops are tailored to specific requirements and always includes hand-outs and resources for staff and clients.

Betknowmore UK has provided workshops and presentations for a range of different organisations in both the voluntary and commercial sectors, including:

  • Drug/alcohol services, such as Lifeline Project and statutory service IDASS
  • Mental health services, such as Mind and Sane
  • Therapeutic services, such as ICOPE and bereavement service CARIS 
  • Housing providers, such as One Housing and Barnsbury Housing
  • Youth services, such as Jobwise Training and New Horizons
  • Probation and prison services, such as for HMP Thameside
  • Corporate sector, such as Lloyds Bank and BITC 
  • Gambling sector, for gambling operator’s LBO staff and Compliance teams

Book a Betknowmore UK workshop or presentation today and you will receive:

  • A workshop tailored to your organisational requirements
  • Content covering gambling psychology, red flags, safeguards and effective working practices, along with screening and support tools
  • Delivered by facilitators speaking about real-life experience of gambling addiction and recovery
  • Resources and on-going support – provision of additional services, such as follow up 1:1 session with clients/employees if required.

Cost: Due to the bespoke nature of our services we provide quotes as requested. We do however provide a reduced rate for low income charities and voluntary organisations. 

‍Founder, Frankie Graham addressing Lloyds Bank Corporate event

Feedback from our workshop clients:

Thank you, Frankie and your team, for being guest facilitators and providing an informative and engaging workshop for our counsellors. The praise for the workshop was high among our counsellors. They appreciated the creative way you addressed what can be a difficult topic, and that you provided useful hand-outs covering all that had been discussed. The counsellors also very much valued the story your volunteer shared so honestly and openly about his experiences with gambling. It has opened their eyes to the challenges and reality of the problem. As you know, we offer a series of workshops each year to our counsellors. Yours was the best attended in a long time! Many, many thanks.
Augene Nanning • Senior Counsellor • Rucksack: Children's Bereavement Service CARIS Islington Bereavement Service
The best part of the training is listening to personal stories about gambling, it really enables people who haven't experienced such [things] to understand the severity of the impact of gambling. Also, it’s always touching to see how someone seeking help has manage to turn their life around.
LBO staff member
Really informative and experienced people who were able to talk to us specifically about the people we support.
Lifeline Project staff

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Our new workshop called Signposts combines gambling awareness and financial capability training.

Developed in partnership with financial specialist training provider, Fitmoney, it provides training around two potentially high risk areas.

It has been piloted across Islington to positive evaluation and delivered to organisations such as Jobwise Training, New Horizons, LIFT, and Leap Resolving Conflict. Betknowmore UK has given their clients resources and information that fits with their lifestyles and day to day decision-making in an effective and engaging way.

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