Drop-In and Groups

Psycho-Educational Group 

We will soon be offering free psycho-educational groups. These will be run as a weekly session over a set number of weeks. The group will allow discussion and learning about a range of dependency and recovery topics, such as:

  • Understanding gambling and addiction
  • Triggers and relapse
  • Coping strategies and dealing with high pressurised situations
  • Goal setting and moving on from gambling dependency

For more information, please email: info@betknowmoreuk.org

Mindfulness Practice and MBRP

Mindfulness and meditative practice have become popular activities in recent years. Both can be highly effective tools to combat feelings of high anxiety and stress and can be developed as coping tools to prevent addictive relapse. 

There is growing evidence of other physical, mental and emotion benefits, with exciting discoveries on how it can impact positively at a neurological level too. 

‘Mindfulness has been so beneficial for me. I use it to relax and take ‘time-out’ during busy days. It helps with nerves, for example before presentations, and times when I am feeling stressed.’ 

Betknowmore UK staff undergo mindfulness training to help develop private practice and skills, as well as supporting clients to develop their own. We have begun working with Bob Cross from Mindfulness in the City and plan to be running our own MBRP training courses soon.


For more details, contact: frankie@betknowmoreuk.org

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