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Presented with a range of issues triggered by gambling. A long term FOBT user, large amounts of money / time spent machine gambling. Losses amounting to several thousand pounds on single gambling binges on occasion. Issues with employment, family, relationships and aspirations. Mental health impacted, depression and anxiety. Lost promising football coaching career as a direct consequence of gambling. Outwardly presented organised, quite methodical. Had tried receiving support from Gamcare and National Problem Gambling Clinic with no success. Support – twice weekly 1:1 mentoring meetings. Work around beliefs/attitudes and safeguards. Set goals and employment targets. Engaged very well and became highly motivated. Supported Betknowmore in community work and became volunteer. Reported as 100% abstinent – describes themselves as an ‘Ex-gambler’...
received support via the ACT programme
Presented with multiple complex issues. 69 years old, gambling problematically (FOBT) nearly every day, since 60 years old. Losses amounting to half a million pounds’ estimate. Mental health issues – severe schizophrenia and bi-polar. Heavy smoker and poor diet. Co-dependent on flatmate, poor routine and social network. Attempts at suicide/self-harm, client refers to as ‘Traffic’ – jumping in front of moving vehicles. Strong religious beliefs. Debt from local loan providers and bank. Income from benefits. Mentoring sessions twice weekly and daily check-ins – self excluded from betting shops, work around safeguards but very reluctant to be safeguards on money. Worked through beliefs, past experiences, goal setting, and holistic issues. Had successful period of abstinence of around 6 weeks but returned to some FOBT use. Gambling with less frequency and losses, support is on-going, different approaches and strategies are being tried. Provided with 1:1 counselling via GaMS – North.
received support via the ACT programme
Thank you, Frankie and your team, for being guest facilitators and proving an informative and engaging workshop for our counsellors. The praise for the workshop was high among our counsellors. I agree with all they said. They appreciated the creative way you addressed what can be a difficult topic, and that you provided useful hand-outs covering all that had been discussed. The counsellors also very much valued the story your volunteer shared so honestly and openly about his experiences with gambling. It really opened their eyes to the challenges and reality of the problem. As you know, we offer a series of workshops each year to our counsellors. Yours was the best attended in a long time! Many, many thanks .
- Augene Nanning
 | Senior Counsellor
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