Our message is clear: gambling should not cause any harm

Gambling can impact upon an individual in many ways – it’s not only about losing money. The impacts can be on the person’s (and those around them) mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, creating debt, problems at work, in fact almost every area of their life.

How gambling can affect you:

Getting help for your own gambling issues

Betknowmore UK understands that gambling can become a powerful and extremely disruptive influence on a person’s life and those around them. However, from the Founder to our outreach workers to our volunteers, as recovered gambling dependent people we are proof that gambling addiction can be overcome, and that healthy and positive lives can be lived again. Our approach is ‘person-centred’, meaning that your recovery path will be as unique to you as the reasons a gambling dependency was formed. We focus on promoting your holistic health and wellbeing; we want cemented recovery for you, not a short-term fix. Just as importantly, we want you to feel empowered by the process, to feel you have control to live the life you want.

Uniquely designed 1:1 support services

In 2014 Betknowmore UK launched the first dedicated outreach support programme for gambling dependency. In 2016, our ACT (Abstinent Cycle Tools) programme became the first externally validated outreach service for the UK gambling sector. Accredited by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation and awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS), the programme was fully tested and assessed, to ensure a safe and effective service.

The ACT programme was further developed to become the Gambling Outreach & Living Support (GOALS) service, delivered in East London until the covid-19 crisis in 2020. In 2021 we are launching our new Hub in Islington and Camden where we will be implementing our learnings to develop a flexible community centred support approach.

Coming soon: our new GOALS 1:1 resource pack available for download

How does it work?

A support package is tailored to the individual and is ‘person-centred’, meaning we value your needs, your health and wellbeing and your goals. With our support and expertise, you can formulate a recovery plan of action, which is structured using our innovative toolkit. This may include:

  • Therapeutic and mentoring support, such as 1:1 lived experience mentoring and group sessions
  • Safeguards around finances and gambling
  • Relapse prevention and understanding of triggers
  • Coping strategies
  • Health and wellbeing goals
  • Time management and routine
  • Supported signposting to other specialist services, such as debt advisors
  • Building motivation and setting goals
  • Self-exclusions and blocking software
I need help - next steps

We are currently accepting referrals to our Outreach Service based at our Gambling Support Hub in Islington and Camden. Individuals must have a local connection to Islington or Camden (such as living there, working there or having family there). However, we want to help, so please consider the following:


Call the national gambling helpline: 0808 8020 133


If you prefer, call our helpline on 0800 066 4827 for more information for help


Click on our Information & Signposting page for a list of services.

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If you are considering the above, it is likely you have concerns for yourself or someone you know. Please do not ignore your instinct, a conversation is a great place to start.

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