Mission Statement

Betknowmore UK understands the devastating nature of gambling addiction, and seeks to fulfil our mission with a non-judgmental, innovative and empathetic approach.

The objectives of Betknowmore UK are:

  • To develop and deliver education, support and mentoring services to address issues around problem gambling and addiction
  • To raise awareness across communities in the UK to the nature and issues concerning problematic gambling
  • To provide our services with a non-judgmental, innovative and empathetic approach

Our service strategies focus on providing community-based services, for individuals, their support network and other organisations, delivered from local gambling support hubs.

Betknowmore UK is striving to maximise impact by embracing new ideas and new partnerships, underpinned by co-production and by learning from the experience of those who have successfully recovered from gambling dependency.
Frankie Graham • Betknowmore UK Founder

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